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The Population Health Information Research Infrastructure (PHIRI) for Covid-19 was a three-year (2020-2023) European Project that aimed to facilitate and support open, interconnected, and data-driven research by sharing cross-country COVID-19 population health information and exchanging best practices related to data collection and use. 

The Challenge

The team behind the EU Horizon2020 funded PHIRI Project needed a marketing, communication and dissemination strategy to maximize the impact of the project and its outcomes, among its 40 participants, researchers’ networks, EU and global organisations, and the public.

The Strategy

With the purpose of promoting the EU-funded PHIRI project we meticulously crafted a comprehensive marketing strategy that seamlessly integrated a detailed schedule outlining the timing and execution of each component. This organic strategy (no paid ads) was executed by a dedicated knowledgable employee, working for the client, ensuring continuity and coherence throughout the campaign. Our approach encompassed advising on compelling content for social media, insightful article writing, engaging newsletter content, and unique perspectives from various partners, all tailored to amplify the project’s reach and impact. Through diligent analytics monitoring and regular optimization meetings, we fine-tuned our efforts to achieve optimal results. Additionally, we produced a conceptual video that vividly conveyed the project’s vision, further enhancing its visibility and engagement. This strategic, data-driven approach ensured a cohesive and impactful promotion, resonating with a broad audience and driving the project’s success.

How we worked

We collaborated closely with the client representative, regularly ensuring strict adherence to our strategic plan. By diligently monitoring posted content, timing, and outcomes across various social media platforms and Google Analytics, we maintained a pulse on performance. Our support extended beyond mere oversight; we provided concrete examples, innovative ideas for improvement, positive feedback, and recognition of successful outcomes, fostering an environment of continuous enhancement and motivation.

The Results

While the PHIRI Project has ended the European Health Information Portal and its federated infrastructure for population health research has remained open and will continue to facilitate access to population health and health care data, information and expertise across Europe




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