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Apōsto Deli | CASE STUDY

Deli Website Development: Gourmet Excellence & Flavorful Design

With 25 years of expertise in food, the Aposto family launched Apōsto Deli to champion continuous innovation and culinary excellence. Their mission is to explore the culinary world, uncover its hidden gems, and share these discoveries with pride. Apōsto Deli is a company that celebrates everyday life, offering unmatched flavors and aesthetic delights. As foodies, ourselves, we worked it full-on!

The Challenge

Apōsto Deli aims to cater to food enthusiasts, gourmet lovers, and culinary professionals who appreciate high-quality, artisanal products. Until now, their online presence was limited to a single social media platform, and they were hesitant to fully commit to building an e-commerce website despite our strong recommendation from the beginning. They didn’t completely dismiss the idea but preferred to start with a simpler brand website to gauge its effectiveness. Additionally, they required the inclusion of extra services on their site, such as yachting provisions, catering services, and ready-made meal delivery. So, how do you build a website that showcases hundreds of delicious products, which customers can’t purchase online beyond their brick-and-mortar shops, while also preparing for future e-commerce capabilities? The solution lies in creating an engaging, visually appealing site that highlights the quality and uniqueness of their offerings, provides detailed information on their additional services, and incorporates a scalable infrastructure to seamlessly integrate e-commerce functionalities when the time is right.
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The Strategy

Our team began with a professional photoshoot of their premises and product displays, leveraging the knowledgeable staff to highlight their most popular items. These staff members also participated in the photoshoots, dressed in brand attire, serving as ambassadors. The photoshoots included curated gift boxes and charcuterie platters, showcasing the quality and presentation of their offerings. For the website, we built it with two major principles in mind: first, making it extremely appetizing, so when visitors see it, they immediately desire the products; second, designing it to resemble an e-commerce site, creating a potential pathway for future online sales. We utilized over 300 photos from the photoshoot, some in large formats, and organized the layout to mimic an e-commerce setup with categories and products. The overall design drew inspiration from 19th-century grocery store signage, incorporating the brand’s green and gold colors. We included dedicated sections to highlight their catering and yachting services and a “Top Pick of the Month” feature, closely associated with an e-commerce environment, which can be dynamically populated. Additionally, we added a blog with suggestions on pairing flavors, creating food and drink experiences, and maximizing the enjoyment of their products.

The Results

The website was both aesthetically and functionally pleasing to the client, ultimately convincing him that the next step is to build an e-shop. The design and setup highlighted the potential for expanding into an online business. However, building an e-commerce website with over 5,000 products is a complex task, requiring careful preparation. The client needs to address essential aspects such as connecting to the ERP system for automated product updates and managing other logistical challenges. While Digital Giraffes can assist with ERP integration and employee training for e-shop management, it remains the client’s responsibility to recruit the right personnel to support these operations.

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