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Our 20 years of experience in marketing for a broad range of companies ranging from retail to digital health, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge disciplines has equipped us with the knowledge to understand the science, the unique needs and distinct challenges, our clients face.

Whether you are a technology company, a startup, or looking to integrate technology and data-driven insights as part of your digital transformation, we are the right marketing partner!



Digital Marketing Strategy
Media Planning
Creative Campaigns
Landing Pages
CTA Conversion (MQLs)
Creative (graphics, video)


Content Marketing
Thought Leadership
Speak on International Stages
Media Placements
Listings in Comparison Sites


e-commerce SEO
Technical SEO


Data-driven Insights
Reports - Visualizations
Media Measurement
Technical Marketing


Paid Search/PPC
Social Media Paid
Google Shopping


Website Development
e-Commerce Sites
ERP to eShop Bridging
Web Applications

Digital Giraffes is a full-service marketing agency that helps its clients build a strategy based on their individual needs and goals. Each client is approached individually in order to ensure that their needs are met with the right solution.

We can develop and execute a strategy for brand awareness, content creation, lead generation, or more specialised services like event speaking opportunities or business meetings at exhibitions. 

We start with the strategy and then move to ensure all existing content is optimised with the suitable analytics and events in place, for monitoring and constant improvement. From there we work to build more content, run campaigns, create listings, and follow through with the marketing strategy.

Our team of experts in content creation, PR, social media, lead gen, software development, and account management are available so that every client can discuss their distinct needs, and progress of the marketing strategy on a weekly basis. 

We can handle all the hard work but also collaborate with existing teams to achieve the client’s goals.

Why work with a marketing agency like DG?

a. Save valuable employee time. We are sure your employees can be utilized in better ways.

b. Take advantage of our experience, our multi-talented team, and our established network with media, events, and domain professionals. 

b. Save money. We are a full stack team with expertise in multiple fields. From deeveloping websites, running social media, setting up booths and meetings at exhibitions, putting speakers on conference stages, executing inbound and outbound campaigns, to running A/B tests and monitoring analytics for the right action, we have the right people and the know-how!

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How We Work

Account Manager

We provide hands-on services with a dedicated account manager, for each client. Our qualified team executes the project, or provides guidance on the marketing strategy, helping the client’s team execute each action. The account manager is available to discuss actions and client needs on a daily basis.


We use weekly meetings with the client to present our reports, regarding all our inbound and outbound activities. We use analytics from connected tools to monitor progress, optimize and create reports and visualizations, that can help our client make their own educated data-driven decisions.

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