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Migrating to GA4 and Custom Reports for direct access to insights

ATC is a technology provider with novel, end to end IT solutions for all business functions, to help independent enterprises grow and compete in an ever changing technology landscape.

The Challenge

The company’s marketing team faced the challenge of migrating their Universal Analytics (UA) to the latest Google Analytics 4 (GA4) across multiple websites. Additionally, they sought to explore custom reports to better leverage their data for monitoring landing page visits, tracking medium/source performance, and uncovering valuable insights previously hidden within the vast array of data points.

The Strategy

Faced with the challenge of migrating from Universal Analytics (UA) to the newer Google Analytics 4 (GA4) across multiple company websites, our client’s marketing team needed a robust solution to not only transition their analytics but also to leverage their data more effectively. Our strategy began with a seamless migration of their UA accounts to GA4, ensuring continuity and accuracy in data tracking. Post-migration, we focused on harnessing the advanced capabilities of GA4 by developing a series of custom Explore reports. These tailored reports provided the client with actionable insights into critical areas such as landing page performance, traffic sources, and user behavior on key pages.

Through these custom reports, we addressed specific marketing queries, enabling the client to identify their best-performing landing pages, understand which buttons across their site generated the most traffic, and discover the search terms driving their visitors. Additionally, we analyzed the performance of ad banners by source, offering a comprehensive view of their effectiveness. This strategic approach not only facilitated a smooth transition to GA4 but also empowered the client to uncover valuable insights previously hidden in their data, driving more informed and impactful marketing decisions.

Furthermore, we provided extensive training and in-depth consultations to help the client’s team understand the platform’s reports better, ensuring they could fully utilize GA4’s capabilities and align their marketing strategies with their business objectives.

The Results

The transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) was executed seamlessly, ensuring no loss of data and continuity in tracking across all company websites. The custom Explore reports we created provided the marketing team with clear, actionable insights into key performance areas.

Enhanced Visibility: The client gained a deeper understanding of which landing pages were most effective, allowing for targeted improvements and content optimization.

Traffic Source Analysis: With detailed reports on traffic sources, the client could identify which mediums and sources drove the most valuable traffic, leading to more strategic ad placements and marketing investments.

User Behavior Insights: The analysis of button clicks across the website revealed which call-to-action buttons were most engaging, informing future design and layout decisions.

Search Term Effectiveness: Identifying the top-performing search terms that brought in traffic enabled the client to refine their SEO strategy and improve organic search rankings.

Ad Performance: Evaluating the performance of ad banners based on their sources allowed for better ad targeting and budget allocation.

Furthermore, the in-depth training and consultations we provided empowered the client’s marketing team to set specific goals, understand their target audience, and make data-driven decisions that drive their marketing strategy forward. This holistic approach not only optimized their current operations but also positioned them for sustained success in their digital marketing efforts.

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