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JADBio awarded spin-off of the year


JADBio, a leader in Automated Machine Learning for life-scientists, with offices in Los Angeles(CA), Denmark, and Greece, won the 1st Prize as  “Spin-off of the Year”, 2021 at the 1st National Startup Awards by Elevate Greece, the Greek Government’s official platform for the Greek Startup Ecosystem. Τhe awards, the brainchild of Christos Dimas, Deputy Minister of Development and Investments, were given out on Saturday, Sept. 11th, at an official event organized during the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair. 250 companies participated in the competition, and 10 of them were awarded. The prime minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, was there along with other ministers, including those from Education, Development, Research, and Innovation. The prize was supported with a 20K euro award from the sponsors, including Eurobank, PRAXI Network, Intel-Lex, and Accenture.

We’re elated to see such a hard working team achieve such a prestigious award. JADBio’s AutoML platform enables bioinformaticians, oncologists, virologists, data analysts, and other life-scientists to build machine learning models with no coding needed on their part. Its platform is intuitive and easy to use, permitting anyone to upload their data securely, train, and develop a model in a matter of minutes, using highly sophisticated algorithms.  JADBio can analyze small sample sizes or vast feature sets, focusing on feature selection and interpretation of the predictive model. Its survival analysis functionality helps clinicians predict life expectancy, cancer metastasis and solve any time-to-event prediction problem. The platform comes with an array of reports and visual graphs to help interpret the model.

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