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Migrating to GA4 and Explore Reports for easier access to insights

Migrating analytics to GA4

Our strategy began with a seamless migration of their UA accounts to GA4, ensuring continuity and accuracy in data tracking. Post-migration, we focused on harnessing the advanced capabilities of GA4 by developing a series of custom Explore reports. These tailored reports provided the client with actionable insights into critical areas such as landing page performance, traffic sources, and user behavior on key pages.

10+1 Cookie-Free Alternatives to Google Analytics

10+1 alternative cookieless analytics

There are many alternatives to Google Analytics but this article will stick to cookie-free or cookie-less alternatives. The reason we chose these is because we wanted to find a way to respect user privacy and basically be GDPR compliant, serving EEA users and clients.

Why Marketers Should be Switching to GA4, ASAP

Universal Analytics will sunset on July 1, 2023. That means your old analytics, if you’re still on Universal Analytics (UA), will stop collecting data and thus you will be missing out on important marketing insights. Insights that you will never get back if you don’t prepare early, as migrating and setting up for event-based analytics takes time and resources. So you should be migrating to GA4 now!