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Working with a biomedical AI/ML startup to achieve brand recognition and engagement

JADBio is an AI/ML startup working on drug discovery acceleration, by using machine learning to automate the discovery of biomarkers, and interpret their role based on scientists’ research needs.

The Challenge

The team, a dynamic young startup, sought the expertise of a marketing firm to help them build their brand and achieve international recognition in the biomedical sector. Their ambitious goal is to democratize machine learning, making it accessible to all scientists and researchers, regardless of their expertise or programming skills.

The Strategy

Our approach to elevating the young startup’s brand in the biomedical sector and attracting sign-ups to their platform was rooted in a creative and organic methodology. Over the span of two years, we executed a dynamic and multifaceted strategy that seamlessly integrated various organic marketing activities to build a robust and internationally recognized brand.

We began by crafting compelling article posts and publishing them on leading machine learning and biomedical websites, establishing the startup as a thought leader in the industry. These articles were strategically timed and rich in content, ensuring they resonated with scientists and researchers eager to explore machine learning applications.

Simultaneously, we harnessed the power of social media to amplify our reach. Regular posts featuring creative content, including infographics, video snippets, and user testimonials, were shared across all major platforms. This not only engaged the target audience but also fostered a community of enthusiasts and early adopters.

We also ensured the startup was listed in prominent technology marketplaces, increasing its visibility among potential users actively seeking innovative solutions. Our website design and development team created an intuitive, user-friendly site with dedicated landing pages optimized for conversions. These landing pages highlighted the platform’s unique value propositions, encouraging visitors to sign up and start exploring its capabilities.

To further enhance brand credibility and reach, we arranged interviews and features in industry-specific publications and organized webinars and events where the startup’s founders could share their vision and insights. These events were crucial in building a personal connection with the audience and demonstrating the practical applications of the platform.

Throughout the period, we continually monitored and adjusted our strategies based on analytics and company feedback, ensuring that every effort contributed to the startup’s growing recognition and user base. This holistic and organic approach not only built a strong, recognizable brand but also successfully drove sign-ups, positioning the startup as a leader in democratizing machine learning for the biomedical sector.

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The Results

The company and its team were invited to showcase their technology at several large events in the world, including BIO2022. The CEO was prominently featured in interviews with over 15 leading media outlets, amplifying the company’s reach and credibility. Their ML technology was included in 6 major technology marketplaces including G2. Finally, some of the content produced like the 7+1 Free AI Tools You Should Learn About garnered over 1.2K sign-ups on the platform and over 200+ reproductions as a post.




Likes for a single post on a single platform (Medium)


Reproduction (posts) of a single article mentioning the brand

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