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Building your Brand as a Speaker


In today’s globalized business landscape, one of the most effective ways to promote one’s brand, establish credibility, and expand networks is by speaking at international conferences. While there are many forms of paid promotion, including digital marketing, traditional advertising, and sponsorships, speaking at events or conferences offers unique advantages that can have a bigger impact in terms of reaching target audiences, building trust and authority, and generating leads. Also it is cheaper than most paid marketing activities!

Reaching a Targeted Audience

One of the primary benefits of speaking at international conferences is the opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience. Unlike traditional advertising, which is often broad and generic, speaking at conferences enables business professionals to connect with individuals who share a specific interest or professional background. As an example, if one is speaking at a technology conference, the audience will likely consist of tech professionals, making it easier to tailor the message and offer relevant insights that can be directly applied to the audience’s work.

Additionally, speaking at international events offers an effective way to build credibility and authority in the industry. When business professionals speak at conferences, they are perceived as experts and thought leaders in their respective fields. This can help to establish a level of trust and respect that is difficult to achieve through other forms of promotion. By sharing their experiences, knowledge, and best practices, speakers can offer unique perspectives that resonate with their target audiences and help to build a reputation as a trustworthy source of information.

Generate Leads

Speaking at international stages can also help to generate leads and expand networks. When professionals attend conferences, they are often seeking solutions to specific problems or looking for opportunities to connect with others in their industry. By speaking on stage, business professionals can position themselves as a solution provider, and the natural result of this positioning is that interested parties will approach the speaker after the presentation. This can lead to new business relationships, partnerships, and even sales.

Speak with Journalists

Another benefit of speaking at international conferences is the potential for media exposure. Many conferences attract journalists and industry publications who are looking for insights and quotes from thought leaders in the field. By speaking at a conference, business professionals have the opportunity to be featured in media outlets, further expanding their reach and credibility.


Furthermore, speaking at international events is often more cost-effective than other forms of paid promotion. While traditional advertising and sponsorships can be expensive, speaking at events can offer significant exposure at a relatively low cost. Conference organizers often cover travel expenses, and speakers may receive other perks such as participating in matchmaking or judging events. This makes speaking at conferences a highly attractive option for business professionals who are looking to get their message out to a global audience without breaking the bank.

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Key Strategies for Maximum Results

There are a few key strategies that business professionals can use to maximize the impact of their speaking engagements at large events. One of the most important is to thoroughly research the conference and its attendees in advance. By understanding the conference’s focus, audience demographics, and goals, you can tailor your message to be highly relevant and compelling. Additionally, you should take the time to understand the format of the presentation, including the amount of time allocated, the style of presentation (e.g. keynote, panel, fireside chat, workshop), and any other specific requirements.

Another important strategy is to prepare thoroughly for the presentation. This means creating a well-organized and engaging presentation that is both informative and entertaining. Speakers should also rehearse their presentation in advance, ensuring that they are comfortable with the material and can deliver it in a confident and engaging manner.

Lastly, something we always insist on, speakers should network with attendees after the presentation. This can include sharing business cards, providing additional resources, answering questions, or simply making a personal connection. By following up in a personalized and professional manner, speakers can cement their reputation as trustworthy and reliable sources of information and potentially generate new business opportunities.

In conclusion, speaking at international conferences can be an extremely effective way to promote a brand, establish credibility, and expand networks. By reaching a highly targeted audience, building trust and credibility, a speaker can establish themselves as a thought leader.

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