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We spoke with Good Girl Mafia, Diana Perkovic from The Empowerment Formula podcast on artificial intelligence, marketing, and some entrepreneurial wisdom….take that with a pinch of salt.

As Diana said it was the first time they ever had a guest from the world of Artificial Intelligence, and Vicki thoroughly enjoyed the attention and the conversation.

According to her website before Diana became an empowerment coach, she was a well-known TV Personality, where she interviewed stars like Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Susan Lucci and hosted live concerts with Mary J Blige, Josh Turner, and Jewel. She did this for over 10 years—live, unscripted, and broadcasted into 100 million homes. Diana’s viewers loved her, calling her credible, natural, and often hilarious. She’s always made it a point to never take herself too seriously so it makes it easy for Diana to have a good time, and share that same energy with her viewers. Now, Diana would like to share that energy with you – because your empowerment journey shouldn’t feel like a heavy burden. Diana accomplished her dream to work on television, but still woke up unfulfilled and deeply unsatisfied with life – she knew she was made for more. Diana felt like a cliché; she looked like she had it all, but felt stuck and totally disempowered. It took the passing of her father to shake her to her core to finally pivot and make major life changes. She decided to take her power back. In the span of one year, Diana buried her father, left her marriage and career behind her, and moved cross-country. Next came the creation of Good Girl Mafia, a leading encouragement, empowerment & entertainment company for women. Diana knows firsthand how bumpy the road to empowerment can be. She created The Good Girl Mafia Empowerment Bootcamp, a step-by-step system with proven techniques to make that journey fast and relatively painless – this is precisely what her clients tell her. And it’s the complete opposite of her experience. As a trained Empowerment Coach, Diana tactically calibrates your current empowerment position and guides you to grow maximum empowerment to become the version of you that you see in your mind and live your best life! If you know you were made for more, you’ve come to the right place.

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