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Babis Makrynikolas, VP of Prod. Blueground


Product 360‘s 6th event is back with Babis Makrynikolas, VP of Product at Blueground, a platform that caters to rentals of fully furnished apartments. Something useful for those that wanna stay or work in a city for a bit longer than what a typical AirBnB can cater to. Babis will discuss how building a high-performing team starts with successful hiring. While there is no silver bullet, there are ways to improve decision-making and hiring outcomes. In this talk, He will share best practices for efficient PM hiring, analyze the different dimensions for assessing PMs, discuss who should be part of the interview process, and touch on other topics such as ideas for building a more diverse team, deciding on candidate seniority, and setting a high hiring bar.

The Product 360 event series aims at bringing together all the knowledge from Product, UX, Design, Data, and Engineering under the same roof in order to share experiences and best practices from global product leaders.

DG is sponsoring the event, offering knowledge and setup experience of a virtual event, as we’ve been following the Product 360 since 2020, We’ve found that we always learn something new from their amazing lineup of speakers., We will be contributing with technology and implementation for the virtual event.


Join the Product 360 event on February 22nd, 2022, 5-7pm GMT. Register here.

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