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Migrating to GA4 and Explore Reports for easier access to insights

Migrating analytics to GA4

Our strategy began with a seamless migration of their UA accounts to GA4, ensuring continuity and accuracy in data tracking. Post-migration, we focused on harnessing the advanced capabilities of GA4 by developing a series of custom Explore reports. These tailored reports provided the client with actionable insights into critical areas such as landing page performance, traffic sources, and user behavior on key pages.

Working with a biomedical AI/ML to achieve brand recognition and engagement

ML for Biomedical data

Our approach to elevating the young startup’s brand in the biomedical sector and attracting sign-ups to their platform was rooted in a creative and organic methodology. Over the span of two years, we executed a dynamic and multifaceted strategy that seamlessly integrated various organic marketing activities to build a robust and internationally recognized brand.