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Digital Marketing & PR | AI Aficionados

Speaking at IFA Berlin

IFA Berlin

DG went to IFA in Berlin in support of our three event speakers, introduced by our team to the organisers. Since 1924, IFA has been a landmark event, in Europe, introducing major technology advances like detectors, tube radio receivers, the first European car radio, and colour TV.

SXSW PanelPicker: Vote How To Hack Your People

We are thrilled to nominate the fascinating topic of How To Hack Your People – Empower Teams To Navigate New Tech, and Dr. Deborah Gilboa (aka Dr. G) for a wonderful speaking opportunity at SXSW 2024. VOTE for her now!

Partnering with Five One Labs Startup Incubator

Digital Giraffes partners with FiveOneLabs

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Five One Labs, an international startup incubator that helps talented entrepreneurs from diverse communities launch their startups. We’ll be working with them to attract speaking opportunities on global event stages, for their founders, but also offering marketing mentoring to any of their wonderful lineup of startups that may need it.

Creating a Content Strategy for your Website

Creating a content strategy for your website

Having a content strategy for your website can help you and your brand with thought leadership in your respective field. It’s great for your online footprint, while search engines will serve you more often, in their organic results, ramping up your impressions for specific keywords.

Building your Brand as a Speaker

Building your brand as a speaker

In today’s globalized business landscape, one of the most effective ways to promote one’s brand, establish credibility, and expand networks is by speaking at international conferences.

How Can I Use Events To Promote My Business?

How Can I Use Events To Promote My Business?

When looking for ways to get the word out about your business, events are one easy, and often entertaining, way to do so, whether you’re mingling in the crowd, part of the vendors or speaking on stage. The results can be useful in terms of exposure and familiarity.

Why You Should be Speaking at Tech Conferences

Why You Should Be Speaking at Tech Conferences

Why you should be speaking at Tech Conferences all over the world and how we can help get you there. Being invited as a speaker provides credibility about your business as well as showcasing your knowledge of the market and industry. The opportunities for networking and building relations with potential clients is also significant.

Top AI/ML Events You Should Not Miss

Top AI/ML Events You Should Not Miss in 2023

Here are the top AI & ML conferences for 2023, which you should be aiming to speak in. Public speaking in major technology events can result in short and long-term impacts, which can lead to a net positive benefit in sales and brand awareness.