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Product Managers & their favourite Books

Product 360 is a monthly event series that aims at bringing together all the knowledge from Product, UX, Design, Data and Engineering under the same roof and share experiences and best practices from global product leaders. Digital Giraffes is a sponsor for the event, contributing resources and people in its running. We’ve met some really amazing speakers, that have shared experience and advice on building awesome products and managing talented people, often scaling from small startups to companies already floating in the public markets. One of the questions that runs every single time is what are their favourite books that they would suggest to aspiring PMs. We compiled a small list of these Product Management books and resources according to their recommendations.

Maria Arnaoutaki

Senior Product Manager at Spotify

Maria grew up in Crete, studied in Athens and pivoted, from teaching, to tech when she discovered her interest in product and software after joining a (at the time early-stage greek startup) Nannuka. Self-taught in coding and data analysis, she spent a few years as a Data/ML Product Manager at TripAdvisor in Dublin. Currently, she’s a product lead at Spotify in London focused on platform product teams while also managing a team of Product Managers.

Zdenek Nemec

Co-founder and CTO of

Zdenek (“Z”) is the co-founder and CTO of, revolutionizing how businesses connect digitally, empowering developers, and establishing autonomy for APIs. Previously he founded Good API—an independent API consulting company. He helps enterprises (DHL, Adidas, Inditex, KLM-AF, and others) and startups to identify and build the right APIs for their businesses faster and at a higher quality. 

Training material Zdenek Suggests Reading

Emmanuel Paraskakis

CEO at Level 250

Emmanuel Paraskakis is VP of SaaS Product Management and Product Design at Precisely Inc. He has 20 years of SaaS Product Management experience, with an emphasis on building Platforms and API Products.
He has launched successful SaaS products, as a founder and as VP of PM, for developer-facing products at companies such as Apiary and SmartBear, While at Oracle he was responsible for the company’s entire API Management Product line and was instrumental in launching the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure API Gateway.
Before joining Precisely, Emmanuel headed Level 250, a Product Strategy consulting firm and a member of the OpenAPI Initiative.

Susana Videira Lopez

Freelance Product Coach, Director of Product at Onfido

Product Coach working with product managers and founders in early stage businesses. Experienced product management leader, currently at Onfido focused on fighting Identity Fraud. Previously Director of Product of Onfido’s Biometrics Line of Business, driving 10x growth year on year for over 3 years. Described as a “fearless, open, and generous” public speaker covering Product Management, available for in person and remote events. A seasoned B2B Product Manager with over 8 years of experience. Susana splits her time between coaching product managers, working on new value propositions and long term strategy.

Lidia Vijga

CEO and Co-founder at DeckLinks

Lidia is a CEO and Co-founder at DeckLinks, a platform that empowers client-facing teams to establish a human-to-human connection with video sales decks. Lidia enjoys meeting other founders and sharing their stories on, a publication she runs on a side to help early-stage startups with PR.

Sakis Triantafyllakis

Product360 event host, Director of Product Growth at Orfium

Sakis was always fascinated by the music world, so the role of Product Growth Director at Orfium is challenging and at the same time empowering. He is leading various strategic growth initiatives and that includes, market research, competition analysis, pricing & business modelling, but what he enjoys the most is exploring and identifying new business opportunities in the music industry. Having an entrepreneurial background, he has worked as a business consultant and advisor for tech companies. Before joining Orfium he worked at Endeavor, co-leading the ESG team and being responsible for tech companies in the Smart city, Deep tech, Enterprise Software and Services verticals. Always supporting the startup ecosystem through initiatives such as Product 360, Tech Talks Central, MoMo Athens and more.

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