Riding the Pros and Cons of Integrating ERP Systems with E-commerce Platforms

Riding the Pros and Cons of Integrating ERP Systems with E-commerce Platforms

ERP e-commerce integration refers to the process of connecting an e-commerce platform (e.g. WooCommerce) with an ERP system. This allows for a better flow of data and synchronization between the two systems, improving accuracy and minimizing siloes in the process. It also is incredibly resource intense. So we ask is it worth it?

Designing an Effective Header and Navigation Menu

Designing an Effective Header and Navigation Menu

We’ve designed and developed multiple websites over the years. One of the most key parts of creating a website is designing the navigation menu. A navigation menu is essentially the roadmap for a website, guiding users to the different pages and sections of the site. It’s also indicative of what the business believes in.

Creating a Content Strategy for your Website

Creating a content strategy for your website

Having a content strategy for your website can help you and your brand with thought leadership in your respective field. It’s great for your online footprint, while search engines will serve you more often, in their organic results, ramping up your impressions for specific keywords.

AI-Powered Digital Marketing Tools

AI-Powered Digital Marketing Tools

Large amounts of customer data need AI-powered digital marketing tools to identify patterns and preferences and thus create highly targeted marketing campaigns that are more likely to resonate with customers.

Why Marketing is Important for a Good Website

Why Marketing is important for a good Website

Websites are not like a brick and mortar store. Users can ‘come in’ from any webpage. There is no sales assistant to guide them. You need a marketing expert to help you build a successful website that will actually sell your products or brand.

Marketing and Photography

Marketing & Photography by Monika Kritikou

We live in a world full of visual stimuli. Our everyday life is flooded with images; they are all around us, whether it is in the news, in advertisements, in magazines, in social media, or websites and e-shops. Discover how photography and marketing walk side by side and can help you build a strong brand.

How to Avoid Bad Website Design

How to avoid bad website design

Learning to recognize bad website design is essential for building and maintaining a successful online presence. Let’s see a short list of don’ts, for a website, with a few tips on how to avoid them.

Marketing & Artificial Intelligence

Good Girl Mafia

Our Marketing Director, a lifelong entrepreneur, talked to Diana Perkovic, founder of Good Girl Mafia, at her podcast, Monday Moments in 5. Diana was happy to announce that Vicki was her first guest ever from the world of Artificial Intelligence. So, feel free to enjoy Vicki’s cascading personality and impetuous mind, talking about entrepreneurship, life, and failure as a growth factor … and a little bit about artificial intelligence.