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Large amounts of customer data need AI-powered digital marketing tools to identify patterns and preferences and thus create highly targeted marketing campaigns that are more likely to resonate with customers.

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JADBio, a leader in Automated Machine Learning for life-scientists, with offices in Los Angeles(CA), Denmark, and Greece, won the 1st Prize as “Spin-off of ...
In the frame of the project “Democracy catching up with Technology,” our marketing director had the opportunity to present, together with Ulf Pehrsson, Head of ...


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How to avoid bad website design
Kalliopi Fountoulaki

How to Avoid Bad Website Design

Learning to recognize bad website design is essential for building and maintaining a successful online presence. Let’s see a short list of don’ts, for a website, with a few tips on how to avoid them.

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Top AI/ML Events You Should Not Miss in 2023
Popi Paraschaki

Top AI/ML Events You Should Not Miss

Here are the top AI & ML conferences for 2023, which you should be aiming to speak in. Public speaking in major technology events can result in short and long-term impacts, which can lead to a net positive benefit in sales and brand awareness.

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Product Management Books
Kalliopi Fountoulaki

Product Managers & their favourite Books

Product 360 is a monthly event series that aims at bringing together all the knowledge from Product, UX, Design, Data and Engineering under the same roof and share experiences and best practices from global product leaders. One of the questions that runs every single time is what are their favourite books that they would suggest to aspiring PMs. We compiled a small list of these Product Management books and resources according to their recommendations.

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